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Editorial Portraits

Welcome to my editorial and fashion portrait portfolio. 


Contemplation of Deliverance

Contemplation in Deliverance is a reflective exploration captured through my lens, revealing moments of quiet introspection and the profound beauty in shadows and light. This mini-photo series seeks to evoke a sense of thoughtful contemplation, inviting viewers to engage with the visual narrative the model evokes. Through the interplay of light, shadow, and composition, each photograph encapsulates a unique facet of the model's journey, inviting the audience to ponder the nuances of personal emancipation. The series serves as a visual meditation, encouraging viewers to connect with the silent but powerful moments of introspection and deliverance.



Whimsical Dreams with Anya Alindada

Whimsical Dreams is a mini-series I created in collaboration with English National Ballet Student Anya Alindada. This series emphasizes the beauty of natural lighting, complemented by the simplicity of Anya's presence, set against the vibrant greenery of Kew Gardens. The images convey a whimsical atmosphere through the subtle sparkle and the play of sunlight, creating a visually enchanting experience.


Golden Silence 

Golden Silence captures the normalcies in life we so often forget to appreciate. A day at home, alone, with nothing to bother you, creating timeless memories with friends or family or wandering aimlessly through the vast path in front of you. This sequence is created to remind one that we all need to take a step back from the chaos of life and enjoy the relaxation that comes along with little everyday moments. This can be in the form of spending time with others but also simply in the enjoyment of the peace you can find in an empty space. Each mini-series deliberately has different lighting and concept styles,  like those with the mirror, allowing you to reflect on the inward darkness of your life, while shots with the sunlight remind you to look to all the good that comes from your world. some have a balance of both, which achieves equilibrium both visually and emotionally, not having to disregard one's woes, but not so caught up in them that you forget to live through happy moments as well.




Remembering Jane Austen

This series reimagines the classic tale of "Little Woman" by Jane Austen. 

Portfolio continued. . . 

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